People today seem to have an ever growing to-do list and limited time to get everything done, and still be able to enjoy everything for which we work so hard.  Manicured Lawns is the first phase of a locally owned business centered around lifestyle management.   Our mission at Manicured Lawns is to remove the stress of maintaining the office, home and gardens of our clients so they can take time to enjoy their lives.  All the while making amazing Nashville more beautiful, one address at a time!

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Mike McDowell

After nearly 15 years of sales and account management in the Finance and Accounting industries, the growing and entrepreneurial spirit of Nashville has taken hold of me and I am so excited to have started Manicured Lawns.  This an opportunity to use the customer service skills I've gained over the last two decades to create a business that improves the lives of our customers and employees while making the city we love more beautiful!